MM A user-programmed idle time or downtime after a stop for pumpoff surface setpoint or downhole pump fillage or pumping equipment malfunction can be specified. Bien amigos era ese el codigo, muchas gracias , con el db de mierda no me dejaba hacer nada y se me habian borrado los contactos, ahora a conseguir todo de nuevo , si saben de algun skin para el inicio bueno avisen muchas gracias… kinoto77 hotmail. X First Level X. Comentario por Alvaro septiembre 8, Be sure to use the hour clock format of HH: The port connector is labeled RJ

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Route the single conductor wires to the VAC power source and strip off approximately one inch of insulation from the end of the wire. They provide the ability to configure: If it is rsdiocomm to maintain that isolation, the Lufkin Automation will, at its option, either repair or replace such a Product, subject to the conditions of this Limited Warranty. Como desbloqueo un motorola a The terminal strips on the Lufkin Well Manager RPC motherboard for the load and position signal leads and the motor control output wiring are a pressure-clip type.

IMY Download Injector v0. Hola, mi cel motorola a esta bloqueado por el sistema de voz y no me reconoce el codigo a la hora de darcelo, y ya probe los codigos, que ustedes han dado y ninguno me funciona demen alguna otra solucion porfavor…. User Manual es un manual que describe el radioconm de un driver de motorFull description.

Download P2KTools versión 3.

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The default is Manual. Terminate the wire at the Lufkin Well Manager RPC ground post with an approved irreversible crimp connector and at the wellhead with an approved pipe ground clamp rated for 2 wire.


radiocomm 11.6.2

Some companies prohibit climbing on the wellhead. Figure page radicoomm the TL Combo transducer mounted on a walking beam in the same manner and location as the TL beam transducer.

If the calculated PIP falls below the specified number of strokes in the Consecutive Strokes Allowed field see belowthe pumping unit will be stopped for a downtime cycle. Con el celular podre conectarme sin ningun problema??? Jan 25 This number is indicative of the work being done by the prime mover in the early part of the down stroke.

radiocomm 11.6.2

With the polished rod at its lowermost point, hold the load cable at the Sampson post strain relief clamp, and pull it towards you until all slack is removed. The stepdown transformer is now installed.

Incorrect polarity will result in no crank signal. Comentario por rolman septiembre 4, 4: Units are in pounds.

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The Pumping Unit Parameters screen Figure displays with a popup box briefly notifying you that the database search is completed. Comentario por raymond junio 15, 4: This feature can be useful when times are specified for its use, but you want it cancelled temporarily, such as when you are servicing or testing the equipment.

The green battery should be easy to notice. Comentario por caro abril 21, The two most common combinations are described below, although local conditions may dictate that some other combination is best for a particular application.

Check the performance curves for the transmitter being used to determine if you need to order and install the optional 24VDC loop power supply in 1.6.2 Lufkin Well Manager RPC. The TL beam mounted transducer is now positioned on the pumping unit. If the Working Radiocommm Load Limit is again exceeded on the following stroke, the unit will be slowed again. Hola les doy muchas gracias por su ayuda el codigo me sirvio de muy buena ayuda mi telefona al prenderlo me pedia codigo de seguridad y no lo sabia lo lleve a varias 11.6.2 y me dijeron que habia que flasearlo y no quize y averigue por internet y me encontre con esta pagina y vi los codigos que estaban copie al celular el y me desbloqueo el celular de una vez.


A pin header designated as JPI is located on the upper left edge of the installed expansion board to the right of the terminal block 11.2 connecting the analog inputs. Dynagraph buffers are only radjocomm at the end of each stroke.

Código de seguridad en Motorola A | Joaquin Trujillo

Introduction to this Manual 1. Se utiliza para reparar ficheros.

radiocomm 11.6.2

Place the cap, compression washer, and rubber bushing, in this order, on the cable. The Board field highlights in the Setup portion of this screen. Angular range from level: A continuacion 1 usuario s le Agradece n a anakim por su Colaboracion: Peak and minimum load protection is provided during Minimum Pump Strokes.