Australia Post Tracking (AusPost) – Package by Tracking Number

Australia Post, famously abbreviated as AusPost is Australia’s oldest postal organization operating till date. It is owned by Australian government and the head office is located in 111 Bourke Street, Melbourne, which also works as a post office.

It serves in both domestic and international level adding various service since its inception starting from mail and parcel and heading toward providing services such as sending or transferring money, providing insurance, allowing to send gift card, organizing travel money, organizing passport, getting license renewal and application and lot more in its list.

Australia Post Tracking

AusPost also provides various facilities regarding the sent mail or parcel to both the sender and receiver. By proving tracking IDs, one can track down the parcel and get to know when it was dispatched and currently shipped from where. It also provides the user with an estimated date and time in which the mail/parcel may reach the recipient.

It doesn’t only provide tracking ids but also gives various options to do with the sent mail or parcel. It allows the user to add alternate delivery address in case the first one is not available. It allows to change the delivery address while the parcel is still in transit. Also, to collect miss deliveries, and claim damaged or missed delivery.

Australia Post is actually a trading name of the Australian Postal Corporation, an Australian Government owned corporation and the oldest in Australia.

The postal arrangement holds a long history and in the starting periods it was all on an ad-hoc basis, in which the arrangements were made between transporter, shopkeepers and other settlers. It was all random and was not fixed, which led to a lot of confusion and mishandling.

In 1809, the first organization of postal service was commenced in Sydney under the post master Isaac Nichols. He used to operate the business from his home in Sydney and made arrangement with the ships to get mails and parcel from it and then used to make a list of recipients and publish them in the Sydney Gazette, and people used to come and get their parcel by paying a fixed charge that was one shilling per mail, he also charged differently as per the weight of the parcel. All the VIP address was personally delivered by the Nichols himself.

In 1825, an act was passed, as The Postal Act, which allowed the government to fix the postal charges and appoint the post master outside Sydney enabling the first organized postal service. Still the postage stamps were in no light as the receiver used to pay the charge and not the sender.

The prepaid stamps were introduced in 1850s enabling the sender to pay for the parcel and the addressee would have no worry to pay any charges. And ultimately Queen Victoria made the postage stamp compulsory in 1852.

Future Ready

This strategy of being future ready was enabled in 2010, under then MD and CEO of Ahmed Fahour, which target to renovate and restructure the AusPost and make it tech savvy and make it dynamic to cope up with the future.

This was to ensure to make it the most renovating and dynamic postage organization in the world and under it various changes were made including launch of new services, categorizing services, and also making it technology enabled so that the user can track its mail or parcel and can get to know where it reached and when.

Australia Post Tracking Number

AusPost provides these facilities with the great precision in which a user can get updated about the shipment it made with the AusPost, be it a mail or parcel or courier or any big consignment. It regularly updates its database and you can check where the shipment left and when.

You can follow these simple steps to get your tracking details once you shipped anything with AusPost.

With every mail or parcel you do with the AusPost, you get a tracking id of 10 digit, separated by spaces or comma.

You can check or track your package by following these 3 simple steps.

You can use any device be it mobile, Pc or tab etc., and the process would be same once connected to internet follow these steps.

Step 1- First go to the official website of AusPost through the link provided below and enter the 10-digit tracking id in the search box.

Step 2- Click on the Track button and if your track id is valid, it will automatically show you to the tickets available and will give a status whether it is still in transit or delivered and you can then select further for detailed analytics

Refer the screenshot for better understanding.

Step 3- Check your status about the mail or parcel you made and you can share this id with the receiver too and it can help you making arrangement to get it, if you are not home too.

Not only this, you track the same by using Mobile App of AusPost too. When everything is mobile based, why not this.

Australia Post Tracking through Mobile

So, follow these simple steps and know the status of your parcel through the app.

Step 1- Turn on your mobile data and click on the Google Play Store in your device. And find the search box located on the top.

Step 2-Search for the Australia Post and a number of app will come show up, click on the app by Australia Post Digital and install it.

Step 3-Allow for the permission it asks and it will then automatically get downloaded and installed.

Step 4-Once installed, open it and in the home-screen itself, you will find the Australia Post Tracking option.

Step 5-Now open it and enter your tracking id and click for search or track.


It is also advisable to update the app regularly so that you won’t miss any updates or features added by the AusPost.

Auspost Tracking

The name Australia Post is not just the name of a company but it is a name that has rooted deep inside the Australia’s people’s heart as it enabled the communication for the common folks and made possible to send their letter or parcel to their loved one far way safely and securely. Well just shipping Mail and parcel is in history now.

AusPost has expanded its branches in many fields. Let us see the service that is provided by the AusPost.

It has divided its category into 4 basic categories

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Government and Enterprises
  • Shop

Personal and Business category caters various service such as Sending mail or parcel for non-commercial or commercial mail, providing insurance service, converting money for travel use, etc.

While as a government or enterprise, it helps to facilitate various identity application such as, license renewal or application, identification proof, etc.

It also has a retail merchandise category in which it operates the sales of merchandise and goods.

Australia Post Office

Australia Post office is situated in every location you can possibly imagine and if there is not a post office to cater in any locality, then also it has its Red Box of letter and post which can be used to put letters and the postman will automatically take your letter to the desired location.

Australia Post Contact

As you are interested in getting details about the service provided by Australia Post, we are surely looking forward to help you in that. You can visit the official website of AusPost which you will find in the below

or you can visit any outlet or Post office which is very near to you and you can find them by going in the website-

And it will redirect you to website where you can enter your location such as zip code, city or suburb and can find the nearest Post office, Parcel letter, Red Post box, Express Post Box or Parcel Collect, or all at a time.

You can contact AusPost customer care executive get your query solved. The number for the same is

00 61 3 8847 9045

You can talk to them and represent your question, suggestion, or the query you wanted to know about. And the executives will definitely help you in the way possible.

Australia Post Courier

With AusPost, you not only get an option to do normal post, but also express or courier post in which your parcel will be shipped as soon as possible with the fastest medium available.

This may require some extra charges than regular post, but it is fast and also meets the need of urgency. You can select from the varieties of courier option available and can choose that meet your needs and send your consignment through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try to solve the frequently asked queries which often comes in the mind and let us look at that and we hope that you will be able to get your query solved from here.

Question 1– What Postage stamps are valid and where can I get one?

The Postage stamp that are valid to post within Australia are the one Inscribed

  • “Australia”, from 14/02/1966 to current
  • “Australian Antarctic Territory”, from 28/09/1966 to current
  • “Cocos (Keeling) Islands”, from 09/07/1969 to 02/09/1979
  • “Cocos (Keeling) Islands Australia”, from 17/02/1994 to current
  • “Norfolk Island”, from 20/09/2016 to current


Question 2– Is there any option to find the estimated charge?

Yes, absolutely there is an option from where you can get the estimated charge of delivery from your location to the target area. All you have to do to is to click on the link below and type your location by using any features such as zip code, city or suburb and the destination location and Kaboom! You can now know the price for different courier service charges within Australia Post as regular, Express, etc.

The link to check the price is-

It will not only show the postage price but will calculate the estimated delivery time too.


Question 3- How can I find my lost/missing parcel?

Sometimes it takes longer to reach the parcel, but if your parcel is still not delivered, and you are concerned that it is misplaced or lost. Then submit an enquiry to Australia Post with the invoice, tracking id and other information and they will contact you back as soon as possible.


Question 4- Why it’s showing “product not trackable”, or the message “sorry, this item can’t be tracked” is popping up every time I try to track my parcel?

This might pop up sometime as ‘sorry, this item can’t be tracked’, or ‘Product not trackable’ because the shipment was shipped using one of out International service which doesn’t come as tracking features. However, they will obtain a signature after the delivery is made, if sent via Registered Post Internationally.


Question 5– What does it mean by shipment in Transit?

It means that your parcel or mail is still on its way and haven’t been delivered. While tracking it will also show that how much estimated business day it may take to get delivered.

I hope that we got you covered and provided as much information as we can through this page and if there’s still anything eft, you can comment below and I will try to reply as soon as possible. You can also provide suggestions and advises if you have anything to share.